We are able to provide the wide range of the following structural devices: confined elastomeric disk bearings, elastomeric bearings, reinforced rubber expansion joints,
viscoelastic buffer expansion joints, steel expansion joints.

These devices are designed internally by our company which can count on a qualified staff of technicians and engineers. We also deal with the whole production phase of
the devices, thanks to the collaboration with companies specialized in mechanical and precision processing.


These types of joints are obtained by the juxtaposition of two metal finger plates. These two elements, each one fixed to the related
extremity, guarantee, thanks to a suitable interpenetration, the continuity of the road surface in the presence of the expansions/contractions required at the joint. Particularly suitable for
large axial movements.


These types of joints consist of a rubber structure in which, by the vulcanization process or other manufacturing procedures, metal profiles are insert in order to modify, at certain points,
he stiffness and bearing capacity of the elastomeric structure. They are designed according to the national standards (CNR 10018), and they allow the movements of
the desks with shifts ranging from ± 25 mm to ± 165 mm.


These joints are composed of a mixture of modified elastomeric bitumen and basaltic inert made on site using a hot process.
A modified bituminous binder is used for the process, with synthetic materials of thermoplastic elastomeric nature with radial chemical lattice of the rSBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) type,
enriched with mineral fillers, plasticizing agents and functional chemical activators. These joints are suitable for slow movements of structures and for small slides.

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